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Acupuncture can be used to alleviate many unpleasant side effects of dental treatment, such as gagging, as can occur when taking impressions, or excitement and anxiety. Pain therapy, e.g. after a tooth operation or muscle relaxation in case of jaw clenching is possible.

We use this naturopathic form of therapy to eliminate negative influences on the whole body. Homeopathic remedies can be used to support wound healing processes after tooth extractions or surgical interventions and to treat inflammation of the gums.

In addition to conventional dentistry, we also use alternative healing methods in our practice ...


A lifetime of healthy, own and strong teeth – that is possible today. With the appropriate individual care for your teeth, you can demonstrably increase the chance of having your own firm teeth even at an advanced age. The risk of caries and periodontitis is minimized. The appearance always remains fresh and white and risk factors for general illnesses whose direct connection is usually not evident are reduced.

However, home care is by far not sufficient for individual care, even if 90% of the population assumes to take care of their teeth sufficiently. Professional dental cleaning (PZR) by specially trained staff in our practice removes hard and soft plaque more effectively than home care can. The term “prophylaxis” covers all measures that serve to keep teeth healthy. This includes above all:

– correct, regular oral hygiene at home
– regular checks by the dentist
– professional dental cleaning in the dental practice

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Tooth fillings

In our practice we do not use amalgam fillings any more, because nowadays there are also resilient filling materials available, which are not discussed with regard to their possible health risks and also allow for better aesthetics. The question arises for you which materials should be used.


Implants enable you to restore chewing, swallowing and speech functions and improve aesthetics in case of loss of one or more teeth. Furthermore, implantology offers an alternative to removable dentures.

Further indications for therapy are the improvement of badly fitting dentures due to unfavourable anatomical conditions or already advanced bone resorption, the treatment of gaps while sparing the neighbouring teeth, bone or mucous membrane defects in the oral area, non-apposition of teeth, upper and/or lower jaw malformation, speech disorders due to dentures, allergy to dental restorations.

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Crowns & Bridges

Anti-snoring splints

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