Partial and full dentures

If many teeth are already missing it is advisable to either apply partial dentures or a full set of dentures (prosthesis). That way you are not affected by gaps when chewing and speaking.

There are different types of partial prostheses. One way of anchoring moulded dentures is by attaching the partial denture with metal brackets to original remaining teeth. Another way is by telescopic methods. Telescopic dentures are expensive to manufacture, but also have there advantages. You only see white teeth when laughing and no unpleasent metal, the attachment is much better and loads are very evenly distributed between original teeth, thereby minimizing stress and prolongling life. Both variants can be removed for easy cleaning.

When all original teeth are missing, a full prosthesis may be used that rests evenly on the alveolar ridge. The dentures may be made to have the same shape, colour and position of your earlier teeth. However, skin colour, head shape, etc. play an important role when chosing dentures. Dentures should be inconspicuous and make a completly natural impression.

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