Lifelong healthy, strong teeth - possible today.

With individual appropriate care for your teeth, you are demonstrably likely to retain your natural teeth even in old age. The risk of caries and periodontal disease is minimized. Your teeth will remain fresh and white and risk factor for dental diseases the relationship of which may not be quite apparent is reduced.

Oral hygiene at home, however, is not sufficient, even if 90 % of the population think it is. Professional tooth cleaning (PTC) by specially trained staff in our surgery, eliminates hard and soft plaque more effectively than can be done by home care.

The term "prophylaxis" comprises all measures serving to maintain healthy teeth. These mainly include:

• Proper and regular oral hygiene at home 
• Regular checks by the dentist 
• Professional tooth cleaning at the dentist’s


Professional tooth cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning starts for new patients with a thorough examination of the teeth. Afterwards, plaque present on the teeth‘s surfaces and within interdental spaces as well as within the gingival pockets is removed using special instruments. Especially reaching such areas can be difficult only by brushing your teeth at home. Even staining due to coffee, tea or cigarette condensate will disappear subsequent to treatment.

Once the hard coatings are removed, the soft crusts are removed. A variety of hand tools such as small brushes and floss are applied. As bacteria tend to attach itself to rough surfaces and niches, the teeth are polished to achieve smooth surfaces. The surfaces of the cleaned tooth are then resealed. This protects the tooth surface against acid from oral bacteria. This procedure not only produces visibly clean teeth and the subjective feeling of smoothness, but also creates ideal conditions to effectively avoid the two main diseases caries and periodontitis.