Bleaching (whitening of teeth) carried out at our dental surgery is based on the most modern, scientifically-proven methods. These methods are gentle, sustainable and give your teeth a much whiter and brighter look. Contrary to misconceptions numerous studies demonstrate that with proper application of high-quality products no damage will arise to teeth. We are well experienced in teeth whitening and are able to fulfil your desire for brighter teeth and a whiter smile.

When bleaching the natural tooth substance (excluding crowns) is brightened by oxygen releasing bleaching gel. When applied oxygen issuing from the gel causes oxidation of inorganic dye molecules. To amplify and activate the process the gel is illuminated by a special whitening lamp. Unlike simple whitening products used at home that do not utilize the amplifying effect of a lamp the gums are carefully protected by a layer that is directly applied prior to treatment. Any irritation of the gums is therefore avoided. Without damage to the teeth and with only slight sensitivity for a maximum of two days you can achieve the desired bright smile within one appointment.